Food Culture

I found a great cookbook called The Fresh 20. I’m always looking for new ways to serve healthier fare and chicken, Mexican and pasta are big winners in our house, but eating the same foods week after week gets old fast. Melissa Lanz serves up some fabulous looking dishes made simply that I think even the pickiest kids will love.  And her pictures are gorgeous.

Throughout the book she interviews various families and surveys them on their family food culture. I loved the idea right away and thought I would share our family food culture.

Our Family Food Culture

Special or Restricted diet: None

Who Cooks Most Meals: My husband is the real chef, but I cook most meals

Favorite Family Meal:  anything Mexican

Least Favorite Family Meal: Salmon

Strict Rule: No Soda

Indulgence: Homemade cookies and banana bread

Best Advice For Health: Treat yourself to everything, just use moderation.  Eat REAL food!

Hardest Treat To Give Up: Biscoff Spread and Nutella straight from the jar

On The No-Eat List: Cucumbers and persimmons

Think about your own food culture and what it says about your family.  Sit down tonight with the kids, discuss the questions and you just might learn something about each other.  If nothing else, it gets everyone talking about food.  What could be better than that?

(I am in no way affiliated or being paid for this post.  I’m just a fan of the book.  To learn more, click the image above to visit her website.)

What do you think?

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