Month: February 2014

Chopsticks Make Everything Better

When the girls were younger I could get them to eat anything; brussel sprouts, prunes and asparagus were happily eaten at mealtimes with no complaining. Fast forward a few years and all that has changed. Now they will only eat a certain kind of orange. You read that right, a certain kind of orange. Clementines are gobbled up like candy around here, but I had six large Valencia oranges leftover from our produce bin. No-one would touch them. So after spending the day helping at preschool learning about the Chinese New Year, we came home with our very own set of chopsticks. I decided to put them to good use. Luckily we had a few extra sets of learning chopsticks lying around to use as well.

I challenged the girls to a relay race at lunch. Whoever could carry their orange segments across the kitchen, back to their seat at the kitchen table and eat them without dropping them was the winner. Those oranges disappeared faster than I could say “Gong Hey Fat Choy.” Giggling and excitement filled the kitchen as slice after slice of orange vanished. I was the real winner here.

This works amazingly well for other questionable fruits and vegetables. Broccoli, aka little trees, can be easily picked up with chopsticks. Cauliflower, aka snowy trees, also love to be devoured with chopsticks. The more difficult to pick up, the better. It keeps the kids busy longer and even more determined to eat whatever is evading them.

And if all else fails, throw your hair in a messy bun and shove two chopsticks in it. Fabulous hair, done. At least the effort wasn’t a total loss.

To My Valentine

I don’t need sticky, sweet chocolates that will go right to my thighs or overpriced greeting cards decked out in red and pink. All I need is to hear you say you appreciate me. You love me for who I am and what I stand for. You admire my courage and strength, my ability to walk away when I have to. You love me, faults and all, admitting you accept my nagging and micromanaging, my not-even-close to six-pack abs and my limited patience. All you need to tell me is how happy you are when we are together, doing something, doing nothing, just being. You declare we have made this wonderfully full life together, overflowing with children and crayon marks on the walls and sleepless nights and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Or you could just give me one really long hug and a fierce kiss and tell me you love me and that would be enough too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.