A Blog a Day Keeps the Guilt Away

When I signed up for NaBloPoMo I viewed it as a good challenge to strengthen my writing chops, forcing me to make the time to post, but the reality is a bit different when I’m in the thick of it. Writing a well thought out blog post takes a lot of work and time, especially when you factor in editing, photography and credits, fixing typos or sentences that run on and on. It has been much more difficult than I imagined. A friend recently asked me how I liked posting everyday. At the time I loved it, but I admitted it was hard just finding the time. She shook her head in acknowledgement. She has a blog too. She gets it.

I’ve missed a few days this month with no posts at all. The guilt I feel about this is crazy! The perfectionist in me is saying just throw in the towel. It’s all ruined. You messed it up. Quit and start over some other time. The rational side of me disagrees with all of that, reminding me I’m posting now, even if it is a post about not posting. (Take that perfectionist!) The mother in me says you can’t quit now, how would that look to your children? You are their role model and you must persevere, if only to prove you did not give up when the going got tough.

So here I am, humbled, guilt-ridden, deflated at my perceived failure trudging on down this road, following the weary wooden sign pointing me in the right direction. Almost there…


  1. Right there with ya. I’ve missed a few days, but life happens (and I’ll blog about it happening later). Deep breath. Tomorrow is a new day. And we’re almost to the end of March!

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