NaBloPoMo Wrap-up

I signed up for the March NaBloPoMo with high hopes.  How hard can it really be to post every day for a month?  I’m a smart girl, highly organized with perfectionist tendencies, all qualities I would use to propel me to success with the challenge.  Or not.  By my calculations I missed a grand total of 10 posts.  10 posts!  I’m disappointed, but glad I did the challenge.  I now know it is just not possible for me to post quality work everyday AND be a present, attentive mother.  It’s a tightrope walk to keep it all going; being a busy mother, a fascinating wife, a steadfast friend, a diligent daughter, a supportive sister, my silly self.  Or as Rob Delaney puts it in his hilarious book: Rob Delaney : mother, wife, sister, human, warrior, falcon, yardstick, turban, cabbage.

Yep.  It’s hard trying to do it all.  I’ll find my rhythm.  Just wait and see.



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