The Ants Go Marching Two By Two

Our home has been invaded by tiny black ants. The kind you can squish with your fingertip only to find three more emerge in their place. They started innocently enough in the hall by our front door. I put down some diatomaceous earth, problem solved. Then they began trickling into the dining room, under the baseboards, then the countertops through the electric outlets and now I feel like our house is crawling with them!

I called in the big guns; pest control. I tried to avoid the chemical onslaught, but it’s the only way at this point. I’m turning my nightmare over to the professionals. I’m so stressed by these ants. They’re minuscule nuisances that multiply faster than a trunk load of rabbits. I hate them. I’m starting to feel itchy just thinking about them. Let’s move on.

Needless to say, the past few days have been trying. Today alone was a day filled with vacuuming the whole house, changing everyone’s bed sheets, helping M. make a fairy house out of a Keurig box, battling all those damn ants, running to the grocery store, school pickup, returning emails, hosting a play date, chasing the baby down after he opened the front door and wandered out alone, more ants, drank strong coffee, ate mini chocolate cupcakes leftover from the play date, worked on a heap of laundry that will never be caught up, listened to B. read her unicorn book, devoured more mini cupcakes, cursed at the toilet that won’t stop running, made homemade bubbles and sent the kids outside, more freaking ants, breakfast for dinner, cleanup, bedtime routine, and collapsed in bed with the baby ready for some downtime.

Overnight the temperature dropped quickly and we woke up to white lawns and snowy spring blooms. Mother Nature had mercy on me with the cold snap, providing a much needed reprieve from those little black beasts. Tomorrow the bug man will be here and I can get back to my normal craziness. Thank God.

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