Some Happy For Your Mommy Brain

These days are hard. School is wrapping up, we are being pulled a million different directions, we never seem to slow down. We just can’t, there’s simply too much to do. I’m asking you to take five minutes for yourself today. Write down five affirmations that inspire you and ignite your spirit, bring you peace and put a smile on your face. Print them out and hang them somewhere you will see them everyday. Repeat your list until you believe it.

I feel more positive and ready to face the day when I give myself this little pep talk, as hokey as it may seem, it works. I listed the first five things that came to mind. I chose the opposite of all the things I usually berate myself for, e.g. I’m old, everyone else has better luck than me, my body isn’t bouncing back like it used to.

Positive Affirmations

~ I am young

~ I am healthy

~ I am strong

~ I am beautiful

~ I am blessed

Use my list or make your own, but give it a try. You just might surprise yourself!

What do you think?

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