Airbrush Nation


If you liked this post, you will appreciate this one as well.  I encourage you to share this with your children if they are mature enough. 

As a young girl I spent my lazy days flipping through the pages of Teen magazine longing for perfect white teeth and stick straight blonde hair. I wasted many hours wishing, praying and agonizing over the (fake) girls in the magazine.  I wanted to be like them so badly, I was angry I looked like me.  It wasn’t fair.  I had a gap toothed smile, a little pot belly and hair that never seemed to lay right.  I wore glasses and was shy. I wish someone had shown me this video to remind me beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Under all the makeup and lights and digital enhancements, we are the same. 

I don’t want my daughters to go through the same experience, so I will show them this video and ingrain in their minds how perfect and beautiful they are, just the way they are. It’s an uphill battle in today’s society, but if I’m not talking to them about unrealistic beauty standards, who is?


  1. I saw this a number of weeks ago on Pinterest (I follow Sparkpeople) and I was amazed and shocked that they can do this, or that they *would*!! I showed both of my older children (10 and 14). It’s crazy, and I want my kids to know that ISN’T reality. 😦

  2. Wow! I know it sounds crazy…but when my daughter is in her early teens, I want to take her to get her pic taken professionally and then have someone edit/airbrush it to look like those in the magazines. I want her to know she is (more) beautiful than those she sees in magazines…it is considered a piece of art, not reality. I cried way too much as a teen over how different I looked than the girls on the front covers.

    1. That’s an interesting point of view. My daughters are still too young to understand the difference between art and reality. But someday they will know and be able to decide for themselves. Thanks for posting!

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