Month: July 2014

Do You Know Rumi?


I am constantly inspired by Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, theologian, and mystic. I often re-read his poems just to get my own creative, inspired juices flowing. I even incorporated his poetry in our wedding. He is one of my favorites.

This quote speaks directly to my writer’s heart. All too often I am drawn away from my writing practice, wondering if it’s really what I’m meant to do and questioning my abilities. Yet, I am constantly called back by a tiny voice inside. Come back. Sit down. Try again. Write. Write. Write. Pour it out on the page. Begin again. This is where you belong.

Are you listening to the voice calling you back to what you love? If you’re unfamiliar with Rumi and want to learn more, here’s a nice site to explore some of his works.

Is It Really A Vacation With Kids?

It’s July! The month of fireworks and cookouts and vacations. School is still far enough away and the summer is brimming with possibilities. We are going on vacation. When I mention this to friends they are so excited for me, wanting to know all the details. I’m excited too, but I miss the days when I had no children and vacation was really a vacation. Peace and quiet, time to reflect and relax. Honey, those days are over. I have three children now vying for my attention, my iPad, my last bite of pancake. If you follow me on Pinterest, you already know I’m a fan of Nick Mom. Here’s another gem, just in time for a lazy day at the beach.

A Beach Vacation Without Your Kids vs. With Your Kids

All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to making memories with my family, sandy butt cracks and all. Have a great vacation!