I’d Say I’ve Been Busy, But That Is Such A Cliche


It has been a busy summer for our family, it seems the weeks flew by and here we are again at the start of a new school year. My writing life has suffered due to hot, lazy days spent outside in the sun or running around busy, busy, busy trying to make it a memorable summer. I put so much pressure on myself to make it fun, full of activities and experiences and not a second wasted. I made a summer fun list of things to do and see. I ended up with 31 items; going to the spray park, the zoo, art museums and horse farms, picking berries, camping, visiting the bookstore, the children’s theatre and catching a butterfly show. I accomplished exactly half of what was on my list and that’s ok. Looking back, I’ve had the best time with my kids, spending time together as a family, relaxed and unscheduled, just the way I like it. Parts of our summer list will carry over into fall, like picking apples and going to the local farmers market, visiting the planetarium and the natural history museum and more parks and playgrounds.

With kids there is always more to do, to see, to experience. I’ve been busy, and so have you right? Yet here we are; me writing, you reading and the summer spins out its last days before our kids file back into school. The streets will be quiet. My house will fall still. And my writing life will once again come to life. My lists however will not stop. I will accumulate and cross out and add until once again our story will be recorded on the bright blue page hanging in the kitchen. Things to do. It never ends. Yet, this is the stuff memories are made of. This is life, the thick of it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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