I’ll Be Right Back, I Need A Hot Shower

As a young girl, I could stand in a hot shower for days. My father constantly yelled in through the thick steam to get out, I was using all the hot water. Yes I was and I didn’t care. Like most teenagers I assumed money grew on trees. Not literally of course, but I assumed my parents had piles of cash lying around and what was a measly $400 water bill to them?!

Now the tables have turned my friends. I have two daughters who also like scalding hot showers that never end. I tell them to hurry, to wash and get out, but I hear them talking to themselves or singing a sweet lilting tune and I remember. I understand. They are the younger versions of me. I wasted away hours every week in the walls of the shower stall, hurrying to wash and then just standing under the hot blast of water, waiting for it to clear my mind, relax my body and calm my senses.

To this day I still use up all the hot water.  I consider it a cheap form of therapy. A hot shower can really do wonders for you. Plus I’m a Pisces. It’s in my nature.  Sorry Dad.

What do you think?

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