3 Crappy Things

I really wanted to write a happy, uplifting post, but that’s not always real life. I’m bummed because three crappy things happened today:

1. An essay I submitted was rejected. Boo.

2. I sent my children away to the park at dinner time with their father because I couldn’t stand to be around them for one more minute.

3. A sweet puppy we fostered for a week was just adopted by a family of four, with daughters the same age as my own. We did not keep the puppy because I couldn’t handle him and a toddler peeing all over the floor.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’ll have three fantastic things to post about to make up for this sorry excuse of a venting session disguised as a post. Thanks for listening.


  1. It’s a long time since my children were young but I do understand your day. Being able to acknowledge that you need time out is being authentic. Well done. Everyone would have benefited.

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