Every Writer Does This, Right?

Photo: Abhi Sharma

Photo: Abhi Sharma

I am a writer.  Often I’m off in my own little world, lost in thought, thinking up fantastic prose while I’m standing in the shower, nary a pen or dry paper in sight.  Currently I have 135 books checked out from my local library.  The last time I visited, it took three large canvas bags to carry all my books back to my car.  My husband jokes that the library wants their library back.  I write, I read.  Okay, more like I read, I read, I read, I read way too much, and I write sometimes.  I need a T-shirt that says I’d Rather be Reading. 

I have a quirk though that I naively assume all writers have.  I inspect the book I’m about to read.  It’s a bit like foreplay for bookworms.  First I have to read the author’s bio in the back of the book.  There must be a picture.  I need a face with the name.  No author picture makes me cranky.  Next, I read the acknowledgments.  I think it’s a tiny peek behind the velvet curtain.  You get a feel for who the author is, whether it’s serious and lengthy or short and light-hearted.  Jenny Offill promised a pony to her editorial staff at Knopf.  That made me love her before I’d read one single word of her novel.

Next I read the back cover for blurbs or whatever goodness the publisher has decided to grace us with.  I might skim the inside flap to get a feel for what I’m about to delve into, but mostly I like to be surprised.  A peek at the first few pages and then it’s time to read.  What about you?  What are your book reading rituals?

What do you think?

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