Month: October 2014

I’m An Avid List Maker

I found this on another blog and I can’t remember where, so if this is yours, please leave a comment below then pat yourself on the back for coming up with such a cool idea!  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Making : Pumpkin Bread
Cooking : Beef Stroganoff
Drinking : Moet Chandon Nectar Imperial  (or coffee if I’m not feeling fancy)
Reading: 100 Days of Real Food
Wanting: The Perfect Nude Handbag
Looking: At Pinterest Way Too Much
Playing: Uno
Wasting: Time Wondering if I Should Stop Using Capital Letters
Sewing: Nothing  (I don’t sew)
Wishing: For A Vacation Home in Anguilla
Enjoying: My Family
Waiting: For Guidance
Liking: Jamie Oliver
Wondering: When Black Friday Will Creep Into Halloween
Loving: A Clean House
Hoping: For a Clean House
Marvelling: Over My Not Quite Clean House
Needing: Seriously…A Housekeeper
Smelling: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Wearing: Gap T-Shirt and Yoga Pants
Following: I’m Not a Follower
Noticing: The Many Talented Bloggers Here
Knowing: My Decision Was Right
Thinking: How Lucky I Am
Feeling: Hungry
Bookmarking: Calls For Submissions on Literary Mama
Opening: Not Enough Email
Giggling: At My Son Dressed in Suspenders
Feeling: Blessed

Faith in Humanity Restored

On Sunday I was patiently sitting in Starbuck’s wildly long drive thru line, smiling as the kids sang along to some unknown song.  I wanted coffee.  And it had to be Starbucks.  I know paying almost $5.00 for a cup of coffee that consists of mostly sugar and whipped cream is insane, but there I sat.  Happy.  Excited even.

I pulled up to pay when the cashier informed me the woman in front of me paid for my order.  Isn’t that nice? she asked.  I was so surprised!  I’ve heard of this type of thing happening, read about it in magazines, but never has it happened to me.  In keeping with the spirit of passing on the good vibes, I paid for the woman behind me.  As I pulled away, sipping my pumpkin spice latte, a wave of joy washed over me.  It felt good to know there are still kindhearted, generous people in the world, doing good just because.

I wonder if someone paid for her order.  I wonder how long the kindness lasted.  Did people continue to pay for one another all day?  It’s a nice thought, all that good will swirling around a little coffee shop.  I wonder if that woman in her unassuming gray car with the pink sweater and wrist brace knew how fantastic she made my day.  I’m still floating.

My Happy Place

Last night, cuddling in bed with my daughter, talking about our favorite places;

libraries and bookstores.

It’s always so peaceful and quiet there, she remarked.

I love how books smell, I added.

New books smell amazing! Old books smell even better, she whispered.

My mother/writer’s heart soared. A girl after my own heart.

NaBloPoMo NoMo

Photo: Liz West

Photo: Liz West

NaBloPoMo is over!  It was a mostly successful month this month, a few missed days here and there, but I no longer berate myself for lost posts.  Life happens, get over it, right?!

I’m taking a break for October.  We have a busy month planned because Autumn is my favorite time of all!  While I will miss the daily task of sitting down and putting ideas to keyboard, I will enjoy the freedom of not needing to do it every single day.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because there is a beautiful sunny day outside waiting for me and two sweet little faces begging to get out there and enjoy it.  Enjoy your day!