Month: January 2015

What Do A Black Shirt, Nick Jonas and A Shower Have in Common?

When my friends found out I was having a boy, they all gushed the same sentiment.  “You will LOVE having a boy!  They are so loving and sweet. They just adore their Mommy!”  I have found infinite truth in their words.  Here is my experience with my little adoring bundle of male hormones over the past two days.

1. They don’t care about your wardrobe at all.
My son ran into my bedroom as I was getting dressed to go out. He gave me the biggest hug and proceeded to wipe his snotty nose all over my clean, black shirt sleeve.  It’s hard to be mad when he looks down at the floor and whispers “Sowwy Mommy.”

2. They are full of curious questions when you’re dripping wet.
As I was getting out of the shower, my son swung open the door, unaware of the cold air breezing in behind him and had a serious face.

“Mommy, did you wash your butt?”
Trying to stifle my laugh, “Yes I did.”
“Did you wash your face?”
“Did you wash your feet?”
“I did.”
“Did you wash your boobies?’
Smiling, “Yep, I did buddy.”
“Oh!” Satisfied he shut the door and ran away.

3. They love Nick Jonas songs.
Driving home from the grocery store, a Nick Jonas song came on the radio. It’s wildly inappropriate for kids, but if I had to listen to Raffi all day I’d go mad.  It’s a cheesy, catchy little tune, so we all sing along. Guess whose voice was heard above all the rest? You guessed it; my two-year old baby boy.

Oh (that’s why)
I still get jealous…


These idyllic days won’t last forever. I want to tie up all my memories in a bouquet and keep them forever. Since I can’t possibly remember them all, I’m enjoying each bittersweet moment, knowing someday I’ll have a really great archive for his future wife.

Being Sick is Good For Something

This past week brought a cloud of illness over our house.  All three kids came down with the flu, one after another, until I lined them all up in my bed under the covers and played a PBS marathon.  I would never wish illness on anyone, but it did force us to slow down.  It also gave us the chance to catch up on some good books.  What else are you going to do with a fever of 102?

My two favorites this week were Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  She is such a positive force for women everywhere.  Her voice gives me hope on the days I’m at my lowest, like having three small children miserable with chills and body aches.  This book got me through the week, bolstering my faith and my reserves as a mother.


My second favorite this week was Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl.  Have you ever checked a book out from the library and found yourself dog-earing so many pages, you decide you must buy the book?  That was me.  She has so many wonderful ideas for engaging learning projects, I can’t wait to try them all with my kids.  This book is a gem for homeschooling (or not) moms everywhere.

playful book

Thankfully, we are all on the mend. Besides chronic cabin fever, we are ready to get back out into the world, back into school and work.  If you fall ill this winter season, drag out a few good books and enjoy playing catch up.

Two P’s For the New Year

I’m a mildly anxious person.  I get stressed easily.  I can get into a negative mood and nothing can shake it.  Sometimes this spills over into my home life and I show my ugliest feelings to those I love the most.  Yelling at the kids, collapsing at the end of the day exhausted, worrying about something slight, feeling depressed because I haven’t seen the sun in more than 10 days. You get the idea.

This year I promised myself I would make big changes.  Instead of my usual list of New Year’s Resolutions, this year I made a tiny list.  Only two things were on it.  I figured two things are easier to tackle than a list of twelve right?!

My simple resolution list looks like this:

1. Be more positive.

2. Be more patient.

Or to simplify even further, this year I will practice positive patience.  I like the sound of it.  Positive Patience.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed out by fighting kids, annoyed at spilled orange juice, questioning everything, I will remind myself to be positive – everything will be ok, it always works out in the end, this too shall pass.  I will remind myself to be patient – yelling only makes me feel guilty afterwards, staying calm feels good, they are growing up so fast.

If you’re feeling a bit lost this new year or just looking for an easy tweak to your normal routine, practice positive patience.  I’m no self-help expert on anyone but myself, but this is my prescription.  Try it and let me know if it works for you.  Then maybe I can write a self-help book….