Homeschooling Made Easy

This is our second year homeschooling and though we’ve had ups and downs, I love every minute of it. Being able to spend quality time with my children is a true gift. Figuring out which curriculum to use has been the hardest part of our journey.

Enter Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool. Lee Giles, a homeschool mother of six, has put together a huge resource for homeschooling parents who are overwhelmed by all the options. You can search by pre-made levels or mix and match to suit your child’s needs. Once you decide on a level, you start on Day 1 and follow the directions from there.

Math, English, History, Music, Art and so much more!  Visit her site and take a look around. I gravitate towards an eclectic, unschooling style of learning, but I love using this site on days I panic and feel like we need to “do school”.

Easy Peasy

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  1. This is our 11th year homeschooling and our 3rd with Easy Peasy. One thing I love the most other than its already laid out for you is there is plenty of work for them. You never have to wonder If they are getting enough.

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