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Yoga With Kids

The house has been full of the sounds of Namaste lately.  We’ve been doing yoga with the kids, which is pretty much like anything else with children; slow going, two steps forward and one step back, frustrations flair then enlightenment.  Well, almost.

At the end of each session of downward facing dogs and sun salutations, we fold our hands in prayer and say Namaste.  My two-year-old loves yoga. He lasts through a 20 minute session with relative ease.  He likes to be included, so he chimes in with his own version; Mamaste.  We all smile.  Enlightenment for sure.

What Do A Black Shirt, Nick Jonas and A Shower Have in Common?

When my friends found out I was having a boy, they all gushed the same sentiment.  “You will LOVE having a boy!  They are so loving and sweet. They just adore their Mommy!”  I have found infinite truth in their words.  Here is my experience with my little adoring bundle of male hormones over the past two days.

1. They don’t care about your wardrobe at all.
My son ran into my bedroom as I was getting dressed to go out. He gave me the biggest hug and proceeded to wipe his snotty nose all over my clean, black shirt sleeve.  It’s hard to be mad when he looks down at the floor and whispers “Sowwy Mommy.”

2. They are full of curious questions when you’re dripping wet.
As I was getting out of the shower, my son swung open the door, unaware of the cold air breezing in behind him and had a serious face.

“Mommy, did you wash your butt?”
Trying to stifle my laugh, “Yes I did.”
“Did you wash your face?”
“Did you wash your feet?”
“I did.”
“Did you wash your boobies?’
Smiling, “Yep, I did buddy.”
“Oh!” Satisfied he shut the door and ran away.

3. They love Nick Jonas songs.
Driving home from the grocery store, a Nick Jonas song came on the radio. It’s wildly inappropriate for kids, but if I had to listen to Raffi all day I’d go mad.  It’s a cheesy, catchy little tune, so we all sing along. Guess whose voice was heard above all the rest? You guessed it; my two-year old baby boy.

Oh (that’s why)
I still get jealous…


These idyllic days won’t last forever. I want to tie up all my memories in a bouquet and keep them forever. Since I can’t possibly remember them all, I’m enjoying each bittersweet moment, knowing someday I’ll have a really great archive for his future wife.

Money Tree For Sale

Photo: Nickmom

Photo: Nickmom

To this list I’d like to add:

19. To go to Chuck E. Cheese
20. To move in with Grandma
21. One more minute in the pool
22. To put makeup on their little brother
23. Two braids in their hair when we are already 5 minutes late
24. Just one more book at bedtime
25. Donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner

26. Kale chips? No?
27. Another episode of Wild Kratts
28. Way too much syrup on their pancakes
29. The most expensive toys (Lego sets, American Girl Dolls, anything in the Disney store)
30. For Mommy and Daddy to plant an orchard of money trees just for them

I’m Not A Sailor, But I Pretend To Be

I curse like a sailor.  An awful habit, I know.

  1. I’m terribly sorry.
  2. I’ll try to stop.
  3. 1 and 2 are lies.
  4. I won’t curse here.  I promise.
  5. 4 is probably a lie too.
  6. I should wrap this up before I say something I’ll regret.


Is It Really A Vacation With Kids?

It’s July! The month of fireworks and cookouts and vacations. School is still far enough away and the summer is brimming with possibilities. We are going on vacation. When I mention this to friends they are so excited for me, wanting to know all the details. I’m excited too, but I miss the days when I had no children and vacation was really a vacation. Peace and quiet, time to reflect and relax. Honey, those days are over. I have three children now vying for my attention, my iPad, my last bite of pancake. If you follow me on Pinterest, you already know I’m a fan of Nick Mom. Here’s another gem, just in time for a lazy day at the beach.

A Beach Vacation Without Your Kids vs. With Your Kids

All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to making memories with my family, sandy butt cracks and all. Have a great vacation!

Chats Français Sont Les Meilleurs

I absolutely love foreign films. I would watch them all day long if I could. Here’s a sweet little number for film fans and cat lovers alike.

The title of this post translated is “French cats are the best.” Now you’ve been entertained and learned something new for the day. Good for you!