Holiday Mishmash

Do You Still Believe In The Magic Of Childhood?

Every parent knows with the passing of every child-centered holiday that one day their child will come to them with The Question.

“Mommy, is the (Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc.) real?”

My oldest daughter B. is eight years old.  I though this might be the year she calls my bluff.  After all, she spotted all the stuffed animals we bought from IKEA last Christmas.  My retort, “Maybe the elves were too busy this year and had to swing by IKEA for backup.”

The Tooth Fairy didn’t even leave a note when B.’s most recent baby tooth fell out.  “She must have been tired from flying around all night carrying a bag full of teeth.”  That child has no idea how tired the tooth fairy is.  Really.

B. found wrappers in the garbage can from the sneaky leprechaun who visited in March.  I was annoyed at my failing by this point, “He’s really sneaky leaving it out in the open like that.”  (My mother would have NEVER let that happen.  She was and still is the master of holiday hiding spots.  I bow to your wise ways Mom.)

I thought maybe the older children she hangs out with would spill the beans, but apparently nobody is talking.  So we carry on our traditions of baskets and candy, letters and presents; traditions my husband and I grew up with sprinkled in with a few of our own.  I dread the day I am confronted with The Question.  But I know what I’ll say.  It’s the same thing my own mother told me.  As long as you believe, it will always be real.

Why should we, as grownups, stop believing in the magic of childhood?  I love seeing my kids’ eyes light up at the sight of a handwritten letter from Santa or hear their squeals of delight upon seeing a big chocolate Easter bunny.  It doesn’t get old, it’s bittersweet and it’s fleeting.  With a two-year old under our roof, I have a few years left of making these memories with my children.  And no, I don’t feel like I’m tricking them or lying to them.  This, to me, is childhood.  Some of my best memories are from holidays gone by.  Becoming a parent myself, I realized how much work, thoughtfulness and planning go into Christmas, birthdays, egg hunts, tooth fairy notes.  I consider myself lucky to be able to do these things for my children.  To be part of the magic making, to see their happiness, their sheer wonder in things that are unexplainable makes it all worth while.

The Leprechaun Was Here and I Have Proof

am green pee

Luckily, my kids are all still young enough to believe just about anything I tell them. So when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around I like to surprise them. This one was a hit. I first spotted it online. Please forgive me, I can’t remember the source, but she had a brilliant idea and I ran with it. A used a little green washable Crayola marker to color the side of my fist to make the foot and my pinky finger made the tiny toes. I put a little in the toilet water, but would definitely go darker next time. Easy as pie. Big wow factor here for the little ones and it was all done in less than two minutes. That’s my kind of holiday wonder.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I sure hope that sneaky leprechaun is coming back to clean my toilet…

Bonjour March

I love March for many reasons; warmer weather is right around the corner, St. Patrick’s Day is coming, I get to eat lots of birthday cake and I’m participating in NaBloPoMo.  It’s also the start of allergy season, but I’m not ready to think about that yet.  There is currently a winter storm warning in our area until Monday.  We are expecting 6-12 inches of snow and ice.  So much for the warmer weather.

St. Patrick’s day is full of green.  We leave little notes and treasures around the house from the leprechaun for the kids to find.  I have Irish ancestry, so it’s a holiday close to my heart. We are also celebrating a birthday in our family this month (wink, wink) and I will enjoy the freedom of inhaling slice after slice of chocolate birthday cake all in the name of turning one year older.  What could be better?!  Add in all the presents and endearing pictures made by my little ones and I’ve got one sweet day to look forward to.

Finally, I am starting NaBloPoMo this month.  For those unfamiliar, NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month, a commitment to blog once a day in the month of March. This is my first time and I’m a bit apprehensive.  Posting daily is a big responsibility and I’m worried if I will find the time, sanity, ideas and wherewithall to do it.  But this month’s theme is Self and by God I will challenge myself to make it happen one way or another.  Wish me luck and pray the coffee and chocolate-covered pretzels will keep me going.

To My Valentine

I don’t need sticky, sweet chocolates that will go right to my thighs or overpriced greeting cards decked out in red and pink. All I need is to hear you say you appreciate me. You love me for who I am and what I stand for. You admire my courage and strength, my ability to walk away when I have to. You love me, faults and all, admitting you accept my nagging and micromanaging, my not-even-close to six-pack abs and my limited patience. All you need to tell me is how happy you are when we are together, doing something, doing nothing, just being. You declare we have made this wonderfully full life together, overflowing with children and crayon marks on the walls and sleepless nights and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Or you could just give me one really long hug and a fierce kiss and tell me you love me and that would be enough too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.