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This is our second year homeschooling and though we’ve had ups and downs, I love every minute of it. Being able to spend quality time with my children is a true gift. Figuring out which curriculum to use has been the hardest part of our journey.

Enter Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool. Lee Giles, a homeschool mother of six, has put together a huge resource for homeschooling parents who are overwhelmed by all the options. You can search by pre-made levels or mix and match to suit your child’s needs. Once you decide on a level, you start on Day 1 and follow the directions from there.

Math, English, History, Music, Art and so much more!  Visit her site and take a look around. I gravitate towards an eclectic, unschooling style of learning, but I love using this site on days I panic and feel like we need to “do school”.

Easy Peasy

Being Sick is Good For Something

This past week brought a cloud of illness over our house.  All three kids came down with the flu, one after another, until I lined them all up in my bed under the covers and played a PBS marathon.  I would never wish illness on anyone, but it did force us to slow down.  It also gave us the chance to catch up on some good books.  What else are you going to do with a fever of 102?

My two favorites this week were Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  She is such a positive force for women everywhere.  Her voice gives me hope on the days I’m at my lowest, like having three small children miserable with chills and body aches.  This book got me through the week, bolstering my faith and my reserves as a mother.


My second favorite this week was Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl.  Have you ever checked a book out from the library and found yourself dog-earing so many pages, you decide you must buy the book?  That was me.  She has so many wonderful ideas for engaging learning projects, I can’t wait to try them all with my kids.  This book is a gem for homeschooling (or not) moms everywhere.

playful book

Thankfully, we are all on the mend. Besides chronic cabin fever, we are ready to get back out into the world, back into school and work.  If you fall ill this winter season, drag out a few good books and enjoy playing catch up.

The Benefits of Natural Math

As a new homeschooling mom, I really enjoyed this article. Take a few minutes and discover how we learn and utilize natural math skills.

Laura Grace Weldon

natural math, exploratory math, hands-on learning, images:

Math as it’s used by the vast majority of people around the world is actually applied math. It’s directly related to how we work and play in our everyday lives. In other words it’s useful, interesting, even fun.

We now know babies as young as five months old show a strong understanding of certain mathematical principles. Their comprehension continues to advance almost entirely through hands-on experience. Math is implicit in play, music, art, dancing, make-believe, building and taking apart, cooking, and other everyday activities. Only after a child has a strong storehouse of direct experience, which includes the ability to visualize, can he or she readily grasp more abstract mathematical concepts. As Einstein said, “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.”

Parents believe we’re providing a more direct route to success when we begin math (and other academic) instruction at a young age. Typically we…

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