Where is Your Sign?


Photo: Danny Merz

Driving home from soccer practice this week, I noticed a rickety old sign hanging outside an equally dilapidated church. The place looked like it was in bad shape, but the message on their sign was quite the opposite.

It read “Don’t pray for a lighter burden. Pray for a stronger back.”

Yes!  A great message I may have missed if had overlooked that little ramshackle church.  Look around and find your signs. They are everywhere.


Make it happen

Today, make it happen.  The painting you’ve been waiting to finish, the article revision you’ve been putting off, the prayer you’ve been meaning to pray, the apology you’ve been wanting to whisper, the friend you keep putting off.  Just get on with it.  Get out the paintbrushes and get messy.  Sit down at the computer and bang it out.  Get on your knees and send up your plea.  Say I’m sorry.  Call your friend.  You’ll be glad you did.