Where is Your Sign?


Photo: Danny Merz

Driving home from soccer practice this week, I noticed a rickety old sign hanging outside an equally dilapidated church. The place looked like it was in bad shape, but the message on their sign was quite the opposite.

It read “Don’t pray for a lighter burden. Pray for a stronger back.”

Yes!  A great message I may have missed if had overlooked that little ramshackle church.  Look around and find your signs. They are everywhere.

What I Do When I’m Lost

Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

I’ve needed guidance lately. As a mother, some days I think I’ve got all the answers, I’m doing the right things, my world is chugging along at just the right pace, but then there are those days. Days I don’t know which way is up, whether to say yes or no, what to do about anything. On those days I pray. I give thanks for my many blessings, then I pray for guidance, for a sign to lead me in the right direction. My simple prayer goes a little something like this:

God, I’m struggling with what to do about (this is between me and God y’all) and I need your help. Please guide me in the direction I need to be headed. Lead me to the path and I will follow. I need a sign, loud and clear, to know what my decision should be. I’m your humble sheep, but I’m a humble sheep who wears glasses, so make your sign a big one.  Amen

I’m still waiting for my sign. But it’s coming. I just know it.